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ACRIDITE acrylic sheets are obtained by casting from pure synthetic monomers. The plastic material ACRIDITE is called PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate).

ACRIDITE is a perfectly colourless transparent acrylic glass but it is also produced in a wide range of colours. The sheets are protected from UltraViolet radiation and resist for several decades to ‘outdoor exposure remaining unchanged to light and weather.

The acrylic sheets are very resistant to breakage allowing the construction of unbreakable glass, in fact the impact resistance exceeds 1.5 times that of traditional tempered glass. Acrylic glass is a resistant and lightweight material with a weight of about half that of traditional glass. Light transmission and sharpness are superior to glass and also to many other plastics. Acrylic sheets insulate more thermally than glass and also have soundproofing properties.

The ACRIDITE range consists of flat acrylic sheets in various rectangular formats with thicknesses from 2 mm to 30 mm with surfaces protected by an easily removable polyethylene film.

ACRIDITE sheets burn without releasing dense smoke and toxic gases.

ACRIDITE is a material that allows the hygienic maintenance with reduced rooting of germs, bacteria and moulds, it is suitable for indirect contact with food and, being a macromolecular product deriving from the polymerization process, there is a minimum risk of release into food, however the food compatibility is subject to specific tests in relation to the intended uses.

The sheets must always be cleaned cold with a soft non-abrasive cloth, preferably using antistatic aqueous detergents.

ACRIDITE acrylic glass can be worked with multiple systems, it can be laser cut, hot moulded, silk-screen printed and glued.

ACRIDITE does not contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chrome and cadmium, it does not contain harmful substances such as halogens, bromates, phosphorus, formaldehyde, phthalates and plasticizers in general.

Acrylic glass can be disposed of in waste collection centres but it can also be completely recycled and given to authorized companies.



Acridite – Fluo

The fluorescent 92000 colour series have a fascinating brightness and high visual impact when light exposed with shining edges.

Acridite – Translucent, Opal and Dense White

Translucent or Dense White coloured acrylic glass and Neutral Opal with different scale of light transmission and high light diffusion, resistant to natural light, suitable for external exposure. Flat sheets, rectangular, covered with polyethylene film.

Acridite – Clear

Clear cast acrylic glass resistant to natural light, suitable for external exposure.
Flat sheets, rectangular, covered with polyethylene film.