Who we are!

Materics Glass is a brand by the AGS S.p.A, Italian leader in the technology field which has been investing in R&D in order to create new and original materials and products that have proved to be innovative and with infinite applications.

The brand is also fuelled by the experience of Elkar and Plastidite, among the most important Italian manufacturers of PMMA, dedicated to quality and innovation for several decades now. Materics Glass is the result of more than a combined 100 years of experience in the production of cast acrylic sheets.

Plastidite was founded in 1960 and now counts on 10,000 sqm of production plants, while ELKAR was established in 1980 and has a 7,000 sqm factory. These large productive spaces combine with AGS’ attitude for research and development, on which it invested €13 million in 2019, and its 4,000 sqm headquarters. The results of these constant investments into making better products can be seen in the quality of the final products under the Materics Glass brand.